What Is an Asian Handicap Betting?

26 Aug by jfthretwerdge

What Is an Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap betting is popular in different types of sports. In this article, you will find helpful information on it.

What Is an Asian Handicap Betting

What Is an Asian Handicap?

It is a form of spread betting, which makes wagering more exciting and potentially profitable. So, what is an Asian handicap? It aims at creating even conditions for teams in competitions where rivals are obviously unequal. It is done by setting a handicap, meaning an advantage to a weaker team and disadvantage to a stronger contestant.

How Does Asian Handicap Work?

So, how does Asian handicap work? For instance, team A and team B are scheduled to play against each other. If team A is much stronger, then the odds set by bookies for it to gain the upper hand will be predictably low. By giving (-1) to the first contestant, a bookmaker will consider it a victory only if team A beats team B with at least a 2-goal lead.

What Are Asian Handicap Half and Quarter Lines?

While some sportsbooks design handicaps only with whole numbers (looking like -1,-2, etc.), others give access to half and quarter lines as well.

The half lines come with .5 at the end, and they look like +/- 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.

If you wager on a +0.5 handicap, it means that the club you bet on begins the game with a 0.5-goal margin. Your Asian bet will win if the team lands in a draw or victory. If the chosen team loses, it will also be a waste for you.

Upon laying a stake on +1.5, the team will have a 1.5-goal advantage. Your bet will pay off if the match finishes with the team’s victory, a draw, or a loss by not more than 1 goal. If the team is defeated and the difference exceeds two goals, your stake will lose.

As for quarter Asian lines, they come with .25 or .75 at the end and usually feature higher odds. If there is an Asian handicap of -0.25, it means that a stronger contestant starts the match having a 0.25-goal disadvantage. In this case, you will get some profit if the chosen team wins. If they do not, your money is frittered away. If the game culminates in a tie, you will get half of your initial bet returned.

If you place a bet on -0.75, the chosen team starts the match with a -0.75 disadvantage. For your bet to win, the team must win with at least a two-goal margin. If they defeat the other team with one goal, your total bet will come in two parts — you get the first half as it is and you get the second half along with winnings on it. Your bet will lose in case of a draw or a loss.

Asian Handicap Example

Example #1 — Asian handicap 0.0

Teams: Chelsea vs Liverpool


If you choose a 0.0 Asian handicap, the result will be the following:

Asian handicap

Example #2 — Asian handicap -0.5

In this case, it is a half-goal advantage of the away team.

Teams: Porto vs Benfica;

If you bet on Porto to win (-0.5), then you will have the following results:

bet on Porto

If you bet on Benfica to win (+0.5), you can expect for the following outcome:

bet on Benfica

Example #3 — Asian handicap -1

Teams: Juventus vs Bologna

If betting a -1Asian handicap, the game starts with a 0-1 score. If you place a bet on Juventus to win (-1), then the possible outcome will be as follows:

Asian handicap 1

If you make a bet on Bologna to win (+1), the results will be as follows:

bet on Bologna

Alternative Asian Handicap

Now that you have Asian handicaps explained and understand the basics, you can move on to learn about alternative Asian handicap options. They are the same handicap bets, but with greater margins, such as -2.5, -2.75, etc.


Asian handicap betting and its alternative forms are considered advanced betting. So, if you do not have at least basic knowledge of how to place bets on sports, you should figure this out first. It is recommended to start using this type of betting from whole numbers since they seem to be simpler.

The more bets you place, the easier it will be for you to predict the possible outcome of a match and make a correct choice. Remember that it is important to find a bookie with favorable odds and a full set of Asian lines.

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It allows betting in different ways, including:

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