What Happens to My Bet if MLB Baseball Game Gets Postponed?

There are very few things in this world worse than making plans with
someone, getting excited about going out, and then having them cancel on
you at the last possible minute. This happens to everyone, and in sports
betting the same thing happens, but in a different context. Imagine this –
you get the rundown of the night’s action and find a game that really
sticks out to you. You dig a little deeper and start loving the
opportunity. You can’t contain your excitement and place your bet. You get
yourself ready to watch the action unfold only to find out its raining and
the game just got cancelled and moved to the next day. Talk about a major

The question that always follows a “cancelled or postponed” MLB game is
always, “what happens to my bet now?”

Well the answer is quite simple. Your bet is graded “no action” and believe
it or not, a lot of people in the betting industry are still confused as to
what this actual means.

What Does No Action Mean in Baseball?

When you hear the term ”

no action

” in regard to baseball betting, it refers to a bet that is deemed to be
invalid after it is made. There are several reasons why sportsbooks deem a
bet to have no action, but when baseball is involved there are generally
two main reasons why this happens.

Reasons for No Action

The easiest example to understand would be related to a very common issue
in baseball – the rain delay. If a baseball game is rained out before it
actually starts, or if the rain halts the game before four and a half
innings have been played, the majority of sportsbooks would deem this a “no
action” situation, thus refunding money back to those who bet on the game.

However, there can be confusion for bettors if a game is immediately
rescheduled for the next day as part of a double-header.

Some bettors think that since the game will be played within 24 hours,
their bets carry over to that game. This is absolutely not the case.

Once a bet is deemed no action, all bets are off, and you immediately get
your money back. Nothing is stopping you from placing the same wager again
the following day if you like it so much.

How Does No Action Affect Bettors?

When your bet is deemed “no action”, sportsbooks view the bet like it was
never made. To put it as simply as possible – you get your money back
without penalty. Every single sportsbook has different rules regarding
would cause “no action” in each sport.

The problem with the dreaded “no action’ is that it’s not something that
can be predicted on a regular basis. They are more of a sudden event and as
handicappers we have to accept it and move on. There is no way to adjust
your strategy or decision-making process leading up to placing a bet.
However, I do recommend checking the weather report beforehand just to be
on the safe side.

Thankfully, sportsbooks do not charge a penalty for “no action” bets. They
return the money instead of keeping a portion of it or rolling it over into
the reschedule game. If this was the case, then bettors would need to be
very cautious of a potential rain out prior to placing their wagers.

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