What Does Listed Pitchers Mean In Baseball Wagering and Sports Betting?

In today’s world, online shopping is all the rave. Sites like eBay and Amazon have taken the world by storm and people do whatever they can to avoid setting foot in a retail store. Unfortunately, there will be times where you receive your order and it’s completely wrong or it looks nothing like you saw in the picture. Thankfully, you have the ability to get your money back and try again. To put that situation into sports betting context, let’s talk about baseball. Baseball offers a unique bet called “listed pitchers” where your bet only goes live if the listed pitchers start the game. If not, just like Amazon, you will get a refund.

What Does Listed Pitchers Mean?

When you hear someone used the term “listed pitcher” they are referring to a type of baseball wager that only counts if both scheduled pitchers actually start the game. If either listed pitcher gets scratched from the start, the bet is cancelled and all wagers are refunded. The opposite of the “listed pitcher” bet is the “action” bet which means that bets are active regardless of who throws out the first pitch. Often times you’ll be able to see the listed pitchers when betting on the money line, totals or runline options.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting Listed Pitchers

Let’s start with the disadvantages first. There are none.

The advantage of this is that you are getting exactly what you bet. There are no shocking surprises when the game starts and you see another pitcher on the mound. The idea of guaranteeing your pitcher will start the game or you will get your money back is unique to baseball only and is one of the better rules in sports betting.

Think of it this way, when betting on football or hockey, you cannot be 100 percent positive that the star quarterbacks or fist-string goalie will start the game. You could place your wager in hopes they play, but if one of those players suffers a freak injury in warm up, your bet is as good as gone. Back-up players are often worse then first- string talent and teams generally take the chance to go through the motions and not play up to their standards. The same can be said for basketball.If you place a wager on the Cavaliers, you can’t be certain that LeBron James is going to play, especially now days where “rest” is much more important in the regular season. His absence, along with the starting goalie or starting quarterback change the complexion of the game dramatically for bettors.

How Often Do Listed Pitchers Get Scratched?

Since baseball is an every day sport, teams generally have their rotation set a week ahead of time. There is always a chance a listed pitcher gets hurt, but it is a very rare occurrence. So rare in fact, sportsbooks are comfortable enough to post opening lines several hours before game time. If a listed pitcher does get scratched, the “listed pitcher” betting option/rule covers the handicapper’s bankroll and the sportsbooks bottom line.

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